About us

The company was founded in 1998 by its directors and has been operating successfully for the last several years under the auspicious of its directors.
The company has managed to successfully enter this competitive market and gain the trust and business of major commercial clients, which it services through its marketing and sales strategic and strategic management, which focuses on customer service and satisfaction.

Compressed Air Equipment seeks out niche areas in its market where customers demand and are prepared to pay for added values that go beyond price and availability.

Compressed Air Equipment founded 1998
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We provide our staff members with the opportunity of servicing clients independently and therefore management has decentralized authority which allows for all employees to be placed in hands-on situations, resulting in employees responding quickly to changing market conditions and encourages leadership and innovation.


Our company maintains professionalism in every department. And our staff are here to make it an easy & simple process for you.

Our Expertise

Development of new products and the constant upgrading of existing lines is key to our success. These ongoing research and development efforts keep our products on the cutting edge of technology.


Your advantage in gaining a competitive edge: Using products from CAE-Festo takes the strain of your processes and reduces costs.